Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This Week in NorCal Comedy

I'm always keeping an eye on what's happening in the comedy scene around Northern Cal, just to see what all my other comedy peeps are doing, and I like to point these things out from time to time so others might share in the fun.  I thought this week I'd just put all these in one place to reference.  Note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive list - just the stuff I've found, and mostly stuff involving folks I know.


TOMMY T'S, Rancho Cordova, 7:00 PM - the second season of the Tommy T's finals has just gotten started (congrats to Sunday night's winners who moved on), so now's the time for the new hopefuls to hit the Open Mic Night to try to qualify for the season three finals.  It's Taco Tuesday at Tommy T's, so good eats and up-n-comin' comedy hopefuls showing their stuff.  If you think you got it in you, get up on the stage at Tommy T's and find out!  Limited to 12 comics only, so show up early if you're hitting the mic.

LAUGHS UNLIMITED, Old Sacramento, 8:00 PM - It's time for Shane Murphy's Funky Mad Fresh Comedy Show, the once-per-month open mic host by the Irish car bomb himself, Shane Murphy.  And it is ALWAYS full.  Lots of comics, new and vet, all hitting the mic and blowing the roof off the place.  Oh, and a special 21st birthday celebration will be happening for local comic Anthony Zimmer.  If you want to hit THIS open mic?  Show up and sign up early (signups start at 7:00), and bring people with you - "bringers" get priority on the list.  You want to try doing comedy in this town, Tuesday night's your night!  Double open mic ACTION, baby! 


TOMMY T'S, Rancho Cordova, 7:00 PM - Oh, baby!  A comedy BOMB is dropping on Rancho!  And just in time to rock Cinco de Mayo!  The Real (Funny) Housewives of Rio Linda are bringing it to Tommy T's!  You might want to call for reservations, as this group has been known to sell out shows.  Watch Cheryl the Soccer Mom, Kristen Frisk, Stephanie Garcia, Sinderella and Kimmy Kay work their domestic mojo and rock the joint.  DAMMIT I wish I could make this one...

LUNA'S CAFE, Sacramento, 8:00 PM - This is where I'll be (to witness, not to perform).  The Comedy Night at Luna's weekly show, brought to you by Keith Lowell Jensen, will be headlined by Brendan Lynch this time around, and will feature a selection of awesome comics including Caitlin Gill, Miles K. Stenhjem, Nick Brunner and Zack Parrott...and the usual tasty Luna's chow (I'm partial to the turkey melt).  Six bucks gets you in the door.  Hilarity then ensues.  If you drink too much, Keith will be happy to drive you home.  He's just that kind of host.

T2'S, Sacramento, 9:00 PM - Speaking of open mics, here's your Wednesday option.  At the lounge formerly known as Trino's, host Delfino Reyna brings you the special Cinco de Mayo Comedy Competition.  Lots of comics (maybe you!), including Willie Mac and Joey G.  Winner gets a bottle of tequila, AND gets to host next month's comedy night at Delfino's comedy room (Club Evolution) in Los Banos.


TRE NIGHTCLUB, Sacramento, 7:00 PM - The newest open mic in town premieres this Thursday at Tre (on Howe Avenue), hosted by Jennifer Rutherford.  Signups start at 6:00, the show at 7:00.  Come to watch hot young comedians (that sounded sleazy, didn't it?), or get on the list and try your game.  Be here for the opening night!

PUNCHLINE, Sacramento, 8:00 PM - Big hitter playing at Punchline Thursday night...none other than Ahmed Ahmed, world-touring comic seen in film (Iron Man, Swingers, You Don't Mess With the Zohan), on TV (Roseanne, JAG, Tracy Takes On, Jay Leno) and on stage (The Comedy Store in Hollywood, The Comedy Cellar in New York).  He's bringing it to Sac this week, and it should be a hell of a ride.


THE STATE THEATER, Modesto, 7:00 PM - Heads up, Modesto...there's some MAJOR comedy going down at the State!  The 1st Annual Modesto Comedy Festival lights it up and brings the megafunny.  Headlining will be the amazing Mike E. Winfield (as seen on Showtime, BET, Last Comic Standing and Comic Unleashed), one of the fastest-rising and hysterical comics in the biz (I know...I've both seen him and shared the stage with him).  Is if that wasn't enough, the night's going to get warmed up with some amazing local comedy faves - Kabeezy, Cheryl the Soccer Mom, Anthony K and Chris Teicheira.  You're a lucky, lucky town, Modesto.

SACRAMENTO COMEDY SPOT, Sacramento, 8:00 PM - Okay, IMMA be in the crowd to watch THIS one.  The Stand-Up Shoot-Out goes down Friday night, where local awesome comics are going to be facing off in competition.  Ben Shields, Nick Pettigrew and Noel DeWitt are going tear the Comedy Spot a new one!  Assuming it has an old one to begin with...  Doors open at 7:30, tickets eight bucks.

CLUB EVOLUTION, Los Banos, 8:00 PM - Seriously, if I wasn't spoken for and I could afford the gas money right now?  I'd be in Los Banos Friday night.  The Los Banos Comedy Night (run by Delfino Reyna) is not only hooking you up with headliner Ngaio Bealum (seen on BET, Comics Unleashed, The Sarah Silverman Show...and by me at Luna's Cafe a while back), but some of my favorite guys in local comedy - Chazz Hawkins, Ray Molina and John Ross.  And not only all this, but the show's being opened by none other than my fellow Tommy T's finalist Joey Gonzalez!  I KNOW how many Joey G fans I have among my peeps.  So if you're going to be near Los Banos, check these brothers OUT!


THE CREST THEATER, Sacramento, 8:00 PM - The New York Times has called Will Durst "The best political satirist working in the country today".  This legendary performer is hitting the Crest for what's sure to be a night to remember...and not only this, but opening for him is our own Keith Lowell Jensen!  Wotta deal!  Go, and you will thank me!

BAY TERRACE THEATER, Vallejo, 8:00 PM - My man Raj Dutta (of Tommy T's Finals fame) has been working his mojo all over NorCal.  Saturday night he's doing a feature set at the Bay Terrace Theater, along with Ryan McFadden, Emmanuel Baja, and headliner Kevin Munroe.  If you're down Vallejo way, don't miss the Raj!

So that's the scoop.  So get out there and enjoy some local comedy, folks!  If you don't think NorCal's got the goods in the funny department, you need to check out more of these shows.  Enjoy!

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