Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Michael O'Comedy Store is officially open!

Did somebody say "swag"?

For all of you who have been (I like to imagine) begging for it, your wish has come true.  There's now a whole store filled with merchandise that has my logo all over it!  The Michael O'Comedy Store is now open over at

Goodies within range from tee shits to hoodies to hats to magnets to buttons to mugs to mousepads to lots of other stuff!  If you like what I do and want to turn yourself or your fridge or your car into a billboard for me, I am, like, TOTALLY behind that idea.

Zazzle has been really good for me in previous times (in my Dr. O's House of "T" store I ran), and ordering is nice and easy and shipping is really fast.  A couple things I'd advise, though, if you're ordering tee shirts or hoodies - make sure you select the right size for you (I think I have XL on the default for dudes, L for the ladies), and be careful if you decide to start customizing and changing colors.  This stuff was made to work on white tee shirts.  The white you see within the logos is actually just transparent, showing the color of the shirt its printed on.  So if you decide you want a red tee shirt, you'll get it, but that little wheelchair guy will be all red, not white.  Just warning you so no one's disappointed.  Besides, it's almost summer!  White tees are cooler!  Woo hoo!

You can click that link in the text above to get there, or you can use the new link over on the right-hand side of the screen that will now always be there.  Hope you all enjoy!  Still time to get Mom that Michael O'Connell beer stein she's always wanted before Mother's Day if you hurry!

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