Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Week in Comedy

Hit the stage five times in the last six nights.

MONDAY.  Po' Boyz Bar & Grille.  Good set, good crowd response.  All good.

TUESDAY.  Tommy T's, Open Mic Night.  Iffy set, just so-so, less of the "all good".

WEDNESDAY.  Luna's Cafe.  Killed it, great crowd, new fans converted, offer for possible future comedy job.  Awesome night.

THURSDAY.  Sapporo Grill.  BOMBED.  Horrible.  Not so much disliked as almost completely ignored.  Tanked badly.  Crickets brought their relatives.

SATURDAY.  Cafe Nostra.  OWNED the room.  Big win, huge response, management informed me at the end that I'm "the funniest guy we've ever had in here".

One night it's, "Man, how come you're not on TV?".  The next night it's, "Why did they even let you up on this stage?".  Yet each of those nights?  It's the same comic, and the same jokes.

Welcome to comedy, boys and girls.

Why would I want to be anywhere else?

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