Monday, May 10, 2010

This Week in NorCal Comedy (week of 05/10/10)

It's a brand-new week in Northern California!  One wonders what kind of opportunities for comedic delight this week to come might bring.  Well, funny you should wonder.  I just happen to have some suggestions for you.

(Again, this is not meant to be a comprehensive list.  Just a few highlights I'm noting for y'all...).

MONDAY, 5/10

PO' BOYZ BAR & GRILLE, Folsom, 9:00 PM - Considered by some to be the best-kept secret in Sacramento area comedy, the Open Mic Night at Po' Boyz draw in the best comedians from Sacramento and the Bay, with out-of-towners carpooling together to come up to Folsom to try our their latest stuff on the local crowd.  Hosted by Cheryl the Soccer Mom (best known of late as part of the highly successful "Real (Funny) Housewives of Rio Linda"), this is a room with no cover and no minimums, and a great place for comedy fans to check out the up-and-comers, and even the occasional big-name special guest dropping in.  Come hang with the Boyz.


TOMMY T'S, Rancho Cordova, 7:00 PM - It's not only Open Mic Night at Tommy T's, but also Taco Tuesday!  Comedy and tacos...that's a magical combo, kids.  Comics of the brand-new and on-the-rise varieties will be hitting the mic for a shot at getting into season 3 of the Tommy T's Talent Search.  If you think you have what it takes, head down to Tommy T's and put that money right about where that mouth sits.  And if you just like to watch (you KNOW you do...), you and your tacos will witness a fantastic variety of comedians lightin' up that mic.  Two-drink min.


Wow.  Big day.  Take a deep breath, and...

VICE ULTRA LOUNGE, Walnut Creek, 7:00 PM - Well, comedy is hitting Walnut Creek in a BIG way.  Ambitious comedy nights going on at Vice, folks, and they smack of "can't miss" to me.  Comedy JAM Wednesdays include Open Mic and Showcase from 7:00 to 8:00, then the Headliner (with openers) from 8:00 to 9:30.  This particular Wednesday looks awesome for the listed Showcase comedians alone, because that list includes my boys Willie Mac, Mac McDonald and Roland Mothershed (as well as Melanie Bega, Jesse Elias, Tamarah Masdon and Chris Schiappacasse)!  As if they weren't enough of a draw ALONE, the Headliner for the eve is Candy Churilla, she of the Last Comic Standing fame and one painfully funny lady on stage (as I witnessed at Luna's a while back).  Opening for Candy are Susan Maletta and Liz Grant.  The show is run by TV's Mark Roman and comedian Kelleen, and celebrity guests are brought in each week representing their favorite charity.  This week, the celebs include Jacqueline Williams (Miss 2010 California Gold Coast) and Frankie Simmons-North (Mr. US, former Armani Model of the Year).  Did I say ambitious?  Do you get why now?  The party's in Walnut Creek, ladies and gents!  No cover.

TOMMY T'S, Rancho Cordova, 7:30 PM - Season 2 of the Tommy T's Talent Search continues as the next finalists take their shot in round 1 of the competition.  Which ones will advance to round 2, and which will go home?  Got to show up at Tommy T's to find out!  Finalists in this round include Jake Ward and Queenie TT.  And for all you stalkers out there, this is where you'll be able to find me Wednesday.  Five bucks at the door, two drink min.

LUNA'S CAFE, Sacramento, 8:00 PM - It's another fantastic Comedy Night at Luna's, and state-hopping, dangerously funny comedian Jason Resler is headlining the fun.  I just worked with Jason last week, and have confirmed - you're in for a big treat with this show.  The usual quality selection of local comics will be cracking you before Jason hits the stage, hand-selected by your host, Keith Lowell Jensen.  And as it's been standing room only lately at Luna's on Wednesdays, you might want to show up early to get a table.  Six bucks at the door gets you mucho comedo.  That's not a real Spanish phrase.  I just made it up.  I think.  It might be right, for all I know...

PUNCHLINE, Sacramento, 8:00 PM - Assuming they can manage to keep the parking lot from flooding this time (last week's busted fire hydrant at the Howe 'Bout Arden center yielded awesome Noah-like pics), Punchline is set to knock you OUT Wednesday night.  It's that time of the month (not THAT time...), and that means Sacramento Comedy Showcase!  Seriously, if you look around you on Wednesday night and notice you can't seem to find any comedians in sight?  Chances are that's because they're all HERE.  This is always an amazing night, bringing the best in Sac and the Bay on stage together.  And your host is one of California's funniest, the amazing John Ross.  Ten bucks will get you through the door.  Two drink min.

T2'S, Sacramento, 9:00 PM - Itching for some Wednesday night open mic action, Sacramento comics?  Then why the hell aren't you at T2's?  Maybe it's because you're used to that open mic being at Trino's, and you haven't figured out yet that it's the same building but with a new name.  Come toss your best punchlines with Sac-Town faves at the room hosted by Ruben Mora.  No cover.  Many laughs.  Good times.


TRE NIGHTCLUB, Sacramento, 7:00 PM - After its big debut last week, the funny continues at Open Mic Comedy Night at Tre, Sac's newest open mic alternative.  Tre is quite posh and comic-friendly, with great service and really rockin' food (the burger is to die for), and Sac's favorite boys and girls of ha-ha will be hitting the mic on the Tre dance floor (don't dancers until after the comedy, so the comics will not be injured).  Host Jennifer Rutherford will be making it all happen, and rumor has it I'll be there dropping some comedy my damn self.  Sign-ups for comics start at 6:00 PM, show starts promptly at 7:00 PM.  No cover, no minimum.  And hang around for the after-party and dance (and drink) the night away at Tre!

TOMMY T'S, Rancho Cordova, 7:30 PM - Originally from Detroit but a Californian now, Tony Roberts has been all over TV comedy - from HBO to BET to his lastest Showtime special.  One of the funniest guys currently in the biz (I have seen him live and speak the truth), he'll be bringing the roof down at Tommy T's on both Thursday (7:30 show only) and Friday (7:30 and 9:30 shows).  Tickets fifteen bucks.  WORTH it.

FRIDAY, 5/16

SACRAMENTO COMEDY SPOT, Sacramento, 9:00 PM - Your Friday night comedy needs are handled.  In fact, here's MORE than you can handle.  It's double improv action!  The Comedy Spot improv shows start at 9:00 PM with the Anti-Cooperation League ($8 tix).  Then, at 10:30 PM, you've got the 3 On 3 Improv Tournament ($5 tix).  You can save some scratch and increase your chuckles by spending $10 on an all-night pass and catching both shows.  Local comics...crazy make-em-ups!  Check it out!


CAFE NOSTRA, El Dorado Hills, CA - Holy smokes, what a lineup!  Appearing this weekend at Comedy Night at the fantastic venue at Cafe Nostra is a trio of comedy KAPOW!  Your headliner is the aforementioned Jason Resler.  Your feature set is the amazing Joey Gonzalez, who's been lighting it up around the state since his Final Four showing at the Tommy T's Talent Search got him so much notice.  And your special guest host for the evening is the woman who's bringing sexy back to comedy, Jennifer Rutherford.  This is worth the trip up the freeway, people!  What a way to spend an S-A-T-U-R, D-A-Y, night! No cover, no minimums, just good times and one tasty-ass sandwich.

SACRAMENTO COMEDY SPOT, Sacramento, 11:00 PM - Oh, it is finally HERE.  You've heard the rumors.  You've dared to dream.  And now, finally, The David Lew Experience premieres at Comedy Spot.  This late night event described as an "R-Rated Variety Show" will happen every Saturday night, and will be a different show each week.  Hosted and enabled by the amazing David Lew himself, the "Experience" will apparently involve contestants winning cash and prizes.  So you could be going home with some fetti if you check this show the big question in your mind should be, "What am I going to have to DO to win that cash?".  It'll cost you five bucks to get in the door and find out.  Be there and be able to say you were at the first David Lew Experience EVER!


  1. Don't forget T2's on Wednesday night at 9:00 1443 Fulton Ave between Hurley and Arden.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! I totally blanked! It's now been added in. You have my gratitude, mysterious stranger...