Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"GET WELL SOON" ALERT: Carlos Rodriguez

If you're in Sacramento comedy, you know comedian Carlos Rodriguez.  Carlos is all over the state in his performances, and it's not hyperbole to say he's easily one of the funniest comics in the California scene.  And one of the coolest, too.

Last night Carlos ended up in the ER after apparently losing a fight with a spider.  A bite on the hand led not to him gaining super-powers and webbing his way across the city, but to him getting a GIANT EFFING HAND.  It hurts just LOOKING at the damned thing. I can only imagine what it feels like wearing it. 

Whatever they did in the ER clearly wasn't enough, because by today, Carlos reported via Facebook that he was back at the hospital and about to go under the knife, so some kind of surgical remedy was needed.  Hopefully that'll be the thing that returns his hand to normal instead of the giant red sausage monster it transformed into.

So if you're one of Carlos' many Facebook friends and/or fans, why not drop in and post a "get well" to the man on his wall?  Or at the very least, a joke about how much this injury is going to affect his sex life.

Deflate soon, Mr. Rodriguez, and we'll see you on the mic.

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  1. Hi Carlos. This is Queenie TT. I saw you perform once at the open mic night: Tommy T's, Rancho Cordova. I enjoyed your performance and I wanted more, but of course we only get five minutes! I'm a comedian. New to the scene and making waves doing my part to hold it down for the female comedians. Looking forward to your return so that we can dialogue and you can impart wisdom unto me! Feel better, Spider Man!