Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Next Round - Monday, April 5th

Remember when I said I was in the final round of the Tommy T's Open Mic Finals?

SLIGHT adjustment to that...

Short version is this - an extra round has been added.  Where originally it was supposed to be one semifinal round over two nights, with ten finalists being voted down to four, there's now one more semifinal round.  The ten have been voted down to six.  Now the six of us that remain - Willie Mac, Sam Key, Jake Ward, Kristen Frisk, Joey Gonzalez and myself - will be all on stage in one night - Monday, April 5th - to do our best 10-minute sets.  There will then be voting (I believe with judges this time), and three of us will then move on to the FINAL final round.  That's where you'll have three comics doing 30-minute sets and seeing which one will walk away (or roll away...) with the big win.

So mark those calenders now if you want to see us all battle it out.  There's gonna be a LOT of funny on that stage!  Contact me if you have any questions about it.

And congrats to last night's winners, Willie, Sam and Jake!  I was there for it, and everybody did a great job - a big hand for Jennifer Rutherford and Ty Anderson, who both ROCKED it but didn't get to advance.  But they've both got bigger stuff ahead of them.  And Jennifer does right away, by the by - just found out she's now hosting a new comedy room in town.  Thursday nights will now be comedy night at La Casa Restaurante on Fair Oaks (near University), and it's a full open mic - show starts at 7:00, sign-ups for comics at 6:30.  So for those of you in the Sac comedy crew who hadn't heard yet, now you know!  There will also be special weekend comedy nights there on the last Saturday of each month - starting with the "Spring Into Spring" event on Saturday, March 27th, featuring Jennifer, Kristen Frisk and Cheryl the Soccer Mom!  There's another good one to mark on your calendars.  Give the La Casa room a try.  I sure plan to.

So, okay, gang, April 5th!  Would love to have your support there, and would love for each of you to see the magic everyone on that finalist list can do with 10 minutes on stage.  Come one, come all! 

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