Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ready to try comedy? Here's how.

You ever dreamed about getting up on stage and giving stand-up comedy a try?  Did not knowing how to start hold you back?  Problem solved!

Over on my Tumblr page, I wrote a really big six-part series called "So You're Ready To Try Comedy".  It's written for the person who's never tried stand-up before, and it walks you through all the steps, from how to write a joke to how to find an open mic room to how to get up there and finally strut your stuff.  It's written from my perspective, based on my experience getting started and what I've learned along the way in the world of comedy.  All you'll need to know (or at least most of it), all for free.  What a deal!

So if you're done with the "Do I have what it takes?" question and ready to get your start, I hope what I have to say on the matter is helpful for you.  It all starts right HERE with part one.  Jump on in, and good luck!

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