Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The SoCal Adventure!

As of Wednesday the 21st, I'm outta here, Sac-Town.  My two weeks in southern California begins, and what a trip this is gonna be.  Movie stars, comedy and motivation!  I'm in the middle of all the pre-trip prep (wondering if I'll get it all done in time) and wanted to fill y'all in on where I'll be and what's gonna be going down.


I'm not just a geek...I'm a professional one.  No, seriously.  My creative life before comedy was as a comic book writer.  I've been going to Comic-Con International in San Diego for years, both to pimp my comic and just to check out the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.  Seriously.  If you're unfamiliar with this event, let me sum up.

Over 125,000 people show up for this 4-day convention (this year tickets sold out months in advance) and fill the ginormous San Diego Convention Center.  What's inside that center?  Sights like you wouldn't believe.  When this convention first started, it was pretty much what its name implied - a convention about comic books.  That's changed over the years to include the film industry, television, videogames, books, and just about anything that falls under the banner of "the popular arts".  Hollywood has taken this thing over.  I mean the REAL Hollywood, dude.  Just a few of the people showing up this year?  Bruce Willis.  Sylvester Stallone.  Jeff Bridges.  Will Ferrell.  Tine Fey.  Seth Rogen.  Michael Cera.  Kevin Smith.  That's just some of the movie people.  TV's everywhere.  Fan of the show "Community"?  The whole cast will be there (Chevy included).  This thing's become like a second Sundance.  Studios show up to pitch their upcoming product directly to fans.  It's amazing.  You see big names like those above, yes, but even more fun is bumping into your favorite less famous (or formerly famous) celebs, who are much more accessible (as in, you can bump into them and chat while they're having a cigarette outside).

There are panels from morning to late at night, and next door, at the Marriott, there's even films showing all night long (for those people much younger than me who can do four days of this stuff on, like, zero sleep.  I used to be that guy...).  Every kind of merchandise you can imagine (and some you never thought of) is available for sale on the convention floor.  Comic fans can meet and chat with their favorite artists and writers directly and get autographs and sketches.  There are people walking around the place in costumes ranging from ridiculously good to brilliantly awful.  Every kind of fan is represented and appeased here - film geeks, TV nerds, animation types, Trekkies, Star Wars die-hards, Twilight fanatics, (Lord of the) Ringers, Browncoats, etc, etc.  It's a wall-to-wall senses-overloading carnival, and it's so worth the trip.

So me and my artist/homey Tim Watts are catching a plane and using our pro credentials to take in the whole thing.  Should be a blast. 


As this is my first time back to southern Cal since starting comedy, I'm excited to FINALLY be able to get some SoCal stage time in!  I'll be hitting the mic at the Comedy Store in La Jolla on Sunday night (the 25th) at 7:00 PM, and also at the Comedy Palace in San Diego on Tuesday (the 27th) at 8:00 PM.  I've got some built-in audiences for both shows.  Sunday night looks like it's going to be friends, as this is a return to San Diego for me (I lived there for almost 7 years).  Old pals are coming and bringing friends, plus a Twitter fan of mine who's only seen me on YouTube is going to make it and bring a group, too.  Awesome!  Whereas Tuesday night is going to be family, as my folks are going to be in San Diego on that day, and they, my step-sis and all her family are coming out to catch the Palace performance.  Big fun all around.  Cool.


On Wednesday the 28th, I'll be catching a ride with my folks to Long Beach, where they'll be dropping me off at my hotel.  Starting the next day, I'm then going to be spending four days attending one of Tony Robbins' seminars.  Yeah, THAT Tony Robbins!  Tony read my Quest Magazine interview online and got in touch with me through Twitter.  He told me how much he enjoyed the interview and asked if I wanted to be his guest at one of his seminars.  Uh, you THINK?  I'm a total Robbins nerd!  I actually did the whole 30-day Personal Power program a couple years back.  I'm a huge fan of his stuff, and now I'm actually getting to go to one of these things live!  And as the big man's GUEST, no less!  Woo hoo!

So I'm planning to come back really, really motivated, so you might want to stay away from me for a few days after I return, as I may annoy the hell out of you trying to tell you how you can achieve your dreams.  Oh, but after that, I'll still find you and tell you...

So yeah...big trip!  Lots of good stuff.  I'll write about the whole thing when I return, but before I left, just wanted to let you all know where I'll be.  If you're in the San Diego area on the 25th or 27th, drop in to one of the clubs listed above and check out the show!  As for you Sac fans - see y'all when I'm back!  Hold the fort down while I'm gone.  For those of you not from Sac, that wasn't a cliche...we actually have a fort here...

SoCal here I comes!


  1. TONY ROBBINS contacted YOU!?!? SO very cool. Awesome!!! You'll have to report out on all the fun.

  2. Michael, I just heard you on Dennis Miller's show. Great blog!

    Robert from Vancouver

  3. Robert: Glad you heard it, and that it got you to stop by! Keep an eye out on the blog, as I'm going to be writing about the whole southern Cal trip and all the adventures that came with it. Hope it'll entertain ya!