Sunday, June 20, 2010

You always remember the ones you lick (eventually)

So on June 11th, Sacramento comedian Keith Lowell Jensen posted on his Facebook page that he's heading down to San Francisco to go see Bobby Slayton play at Punchline, and wanted to know if anyone wanted to join him.  I wished I could have, but I was fresh out of the hospital.  So I commented on his note, telling him to say "hi" to Bobby for me, as, you know, Bobby and I go waaaaay back.

That night I got a voicemail from Keith, from there at the show.  He said that Bobby had just finished his first set, had just gotten off stage, and was all hyped up.  Keith had stopped him as he came down and said, "Hey, Michael O'Connell said to say hi."

Bobby, quite loudly (and if you've experienced Bobby Slayton, you can hear the voice in your head right now), said, "Who the $#@% is Michael O'Connell?"

Keith answered, "Uh, you worked with him a couple of weeks ago, wheelchair comedian...?"

Bobby then replied, just as loudly, "Oh, yeah!  I #&%@ing LOVE that guy!"

One of the many perks of wheelchair comedy, folks.  They may not remember the name, but they always remember the chair.  Hear endeth the lesson. 


  1. The moral is, to other comedians, that when I say "break a leg" to you, I'm not saying good luck. I'm LITERALLY saying "break a leg". It'll do wonders for your comedy career.