Thursday, November 15, 2012

Watch the Comedians with Disabilities Act on Laugh Factory Live on your PS3!

The Comedians with Disabilities Act just had a fantastic time performing at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood Tuesday night.  If you weren't in the LA area and couldn't make it...and if you own a still have the chance to watch the whole 90 minute show.

There's a new app for the PS3 called Laugh Factory Live.  It's free right now, and through the end of this month, and thereafter will cost a subscription of $2.99 per month (so now's the time to try it out while it costs you $0.00).  It allows you to not only watch streaming Laugh Factory stand-up shows as they happen (as happened with our show), but they also have an archive of on demand comedy video, where you can watch hundreds of hours of material, including our November 13th performance.

Here's what you do to check this out if you have a PS3.

1)  Turn on your PS3.  It makes the steps that follow much more enjoyable.

2)  Scroll over to the TV/Video Services item on your main menu and click on the "My Channels" icon.

3)  From there, scroll down through the services available until you see the Laugh Factory logo.  Click on that!  Alternatively to all this, you can find the app in the Playstation Store under the "Media & Apps" category.

4)  Follow the steps to download and install the app.

5)  Sign in to it, and on the first menu, choose "Comedy On Demand".

6)  Find and click on "Laugh Factory UNCUT".

7)  From there, find and click on "Comedians with Disabilities".

Hope you enjoy.  This show was particularly special because of our guest headliner, Geri Jewell, who completely rocked the place.  Feel free to pass this information on to your other PS3 pals.  Not only can they watch US (which is the most important thing, right?), but can dive into massive pile of amazing Laugh Factory comedy from some of the biggest names in the business.  If they can stop playing Call of Duty long enough.

Learn more about Laugh Factory Live HERE and HERE

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