Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My 1-Hour Interview on Disabled Radio

I got a wee bit behind on my updating and didn't get around to telling y'all about my interview I did on the internet radio show "Disabled Radio".  Oops!  But don't fret.  You can still hear it.  And there's a LOT of it to hear.

I first met Disabled Radio host Rob Pritts when I called in to chat on the show where fellow Comedians with Disabilities Act member Nina G was the guest.  Rob asked that I come back and do the show myself, and I said I'd love to, and we set a date and made it happen.  I've done quite a few radio spots during my time in comedy, but about 20 minutes is the max I've done.  On this show?  A full hour, with just me.  Could I possibly talk about myself, comedy and disabilities for a full hour?

You've met me, right?

So Rob and I did the show, and it was a blast!  We talked about a whole range of subjects related to both comedy and disability, as well as my life in general.  We also got to interact with some cool folks via Disabled Radio's chat room, including my pal Martin who was catching the show live.  I was really pleased to be a part of something like Disabled Radio, which works as a fantastic venue to bring disabled people together and to educate the "abled" at the same time.  Big thanks again to Rob for having me on.  And we're talking about getting a show together with all four members of the Comedians with Disabilities Act soon, so looking forward to that quite a bit!

If you'd like to hear my appearance (the whole damned hour of it), just click here:

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