Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks for the memories.

When I did that first video slideshow showing my 2010 in comedy month to month, I was agonized by how many photos I had to leave out with me and people - people like the friends, fans and family coming out to all the shows.

So instead, I've done a second video with just shots of me and all the many people in my comedy universe, from spectators to fellow comics to celebs.  And even now, I was STILL agonized by not being able to fit everyone in!  If you know you're in a pic with me and don't see yourself in this, my apologies.  Fall Out Boy just need to write longer songs in the future.  Either that, or I have to get a lot less awesome people in my life.

Thanks, everyone, for making this past year so unforgettable.  But be sure to stick around!  More excitement is on the way in 2011!


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