Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"The Last Stand" DVD Taping This Friday Night!!

It goes down this Friday night, everybody!  10:30 PM, November 5th, Sacramento Comedy Spot"The Last Stand" is happening, and it needs YOU!

This evening of comedy is the DVD taping for comedian Ellis Rodriguez.  The show will be filmed and later sold to millions (or maybe dozens, but we like to be optimistic).  The 10:30 show will also include about 25 minutes of performance from me, and sets from comedians Michael Broussard and Hunter Hill.  While the three of us won't be on the DVD, we still get the awesome professionally-shot video footage for our demo reels, so this is a pretty rockin' deal for us, too.

But none of it works without--as I said, and also in all caps--YOU!  For an effective, usable performance, we need the house to be full.  Butts in seats.  ALL the seats.  So we would so, so appreciate you taking part of your Friday night and letting us entertain you while you help us make a killer comedy DVD happen!

As the poster above says, there IS an 8:00 PM show, but, frankly, I'm not in that one. :)  There are three other comics opening for Ellis in that slot, and it's their responsibility to fill it.  The 10:30 PM one is the tougher one, obviously, since it's a little later, so that's what we're really working on.  But it is a Friday night, so hopefully no one will need to get up too early the next day.  And this way you've got time to get out and have dinner beforehand, AND you'll still have time afterward to go out clubbing if you choose!  I'd say that makes 10:30 the AWESOME slot, doesn't it?  Woo hoo!

So we would need to have people there by 10:30 PM (preferably by 10:15 PM) so we can have everyone seated before taping begins.  And then, we would need to ask that everyone stay for the entire show.  I can TOTALLY understand if you'd just want to come see ME, for example, as that's the part of the show that REALLY matters (ahem), but we need that full audience for everyone, particularly for Ellis, who closes out the show and who's the actual star of the thing (though you may continue to think of me in that role if you choose).  His set will be the DVD part, so this is where your laughter and enthusiasm will make this DVD shine for the eventual home audiences, and where you will forever be a part of Sacramento comedy history!  If you've seen Ellis perform before, you know what a treat you're in for.  If you haven't?  You will thank me after.  You may even want to kiss me.  I reserve the right to be selective on who I accept this gesture from.

So please, come on down and join us for this, and please feel free to pass this invitation to EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  The more the merrier!  This is going to be an amazing show, and we all thank you in advance for being a part of it.  It all happens at:

Sacramento Comedy Spot
1050 20th St.
Sacramento, CA 
916 402 4757

The club's located on 20th between J and K, right next door to Mr. Pickles.  There's parking across the street (behind the brick building that used to be the News & Review building) for $5.  You can buy your show tickets at the door, but in case of sellout I'd advise getting them in advance online, which you can do here:

See you at the 'Spot, comedy fans!  Let's DO this!

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