Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet the press! Me in today's Sacramento Bee

If you open up your copy of the Sacramento Bee this morning (which pre-assumes you're in Sacramento), chances are you'll come across a little article on yours truly.

The sitch: a while back, while hanging (as usual) at my cigar lounge, Tobacco Road, I met a guy by the name of Randall Benton (a.k.a. Bentoni).  It turns out Bentoni used to be a Sacramento stand-up comic, and did it full-time for a good two-plus years before turning back to the day job.  We talked for more than an hour about his experiences in comedy, and about my experiences just now breaking into comedy.  Bentoni had lots of great advice to offer up from his years on the road.  It was a great talk, and I learned a lot.

It wasn't until the end of the conversation that I found out that Bentoni's day job is being a staff photographer for the Sacramento Bee.  He decided that I might make a pretty interesting story for them.  So he started coming to my shows and taking pics of me, and managed to sell his editor on the story, which ended up written by the woman who interviewed me, Darlene Ott (who also happens to be Bentoni's wife).  The hope was to get the story in the paper prior to the big final round at the Tommy T's Open Mic Finals.  Mission accomplished.  Today is the day, and the online version of the article is already up and posted.

So feel free to check it out here:


...and don't forget to use the "slide show" button beneath the photo, which will let you see all 16 shots and get more of the story.

So hope you enjoy.  And thank you, so much, Bentoni and Darlene, for thinking me newsworthy, and thank you, Sacramento Bee, for agreeing with them.  My media blitz has begun!

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