Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome TO it!

Thanks for finding your way here!  This would be the current web home of me - that's Michael O'Connell - a guy who does comedy around Sacramento.  I hope you Googled me to get here.  There's nothing I enjoy more than a good Googling.  Well...except for maybe getting Binged...

A little bit about me.  I'd always kind of thought about trying comedy, at least once in my life.  In fact, an item on my bucket list was "Do a comedy open mic and find out if you suck or not".  I've always felt that everyone should try a 5-minute set on stage just to say they've nutted up enough to it, even once.  I shared this thought at one point with my old friend Vladimir (no, seriously, his name's Vladimir), and a couple of months later, he called me back (after several shots of Vodka and the transmission of vital state secrets to his handlers) and said, "Screw it...let's do it."  I said okay.  So we both put some material together and headed over to open mic night at Tommy T's Comedy & Dinner Theater in Rancho Cordova, CA.  So I got to take something off my bucket list.  But as an added bonus, I won the contest that night.  And I came to realize that I really, really dig doing comedy, and now wonder what took me so long to start.

My comedy mostly centers on wheelchair living, as I have Muscular Dystrophy and have been a chair jockey for many years.  If you think there's nothing funny about disability, I invite you to let me change your mind.  The things, situations and people I deal with day in and day out are a constant source of amusement for me, and now I'm here to share it all with you, you lucky, lucky dogs.

If you're in the Sacramento area, please feel free keep checking this site, or my Facebook page (see the link on the right), for info on where I'll be performing next.  Would love to see you there, and would love to be your gateway into the world of Sac comedy, 'cause there are a bunch of funny, funny people working the mics in this town, and you'd better see some of them now so you can say you caught their act before they left this pop stand behind.  Check 'em out at places like Tommy T's.  Laughs Unlimited.  Punch Line.  Luna's Cafe.  Cafe Nostra.  Po' Boyz.  Stick with me and I'll be your guide to some of these joints.

Thanks again for dropping in, and I hope you'll do so regular-like. 

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  1. 1. Sacramento is nowhere near cold enough for vodka.

    B. Since Reagan screwed up a perfectly good gig for everyone with that whole "..tear down the wall.." thing, the only Russian handlers I got left are the immigrant girls at the local massage parlor.